Gerald J. Kubicki
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 120

What would happen if a country like North Korean obtained the Orion weapons?They are only in Poland a few hours and the Patel sisters face a monstrous threat as several mercenaries invade their hotel suite intending to kill them and steal the talisman they have brought from India. With the help of Colton Banyon they manage to capture the men and set them free in the park across the street. They then head off to Freud-a-size several other people.Eric and Loni head off to another location to recover another talisman, but run into a very unhappy mercenary who wants to kill Wilk. They subdue the man, but have to wait for several hours until help can arrive to finish their mission.Meanwhile, the Dewey & Beatem people arrive from America. Banyon has summoned them because he needs to save twelve people from a fraudulent hospital. They put their plan in motion and bring Josephine Wilk, the aunt ...
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