D. Nathan Hilliard
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 286

Welcome to Khrem, a vast and ancient city of grim wonder... Cargill the Bookseller has a secret. This quiet dealer in rare tomes was once a career criminal of extraordinary skill. But the narrow escapes of that life took their toll on him, and thus he retired. Shaken and world-weary, he settled into the quiet role of an upper-middle class merchant.Now that peaceful life has come to an end.An idealistic young Watch Captain has discovered his secret and intends to use Cargill's experience for his own purposes. Soon Cargill's life explodes as he finds himself caught between horrific killers, duty-bound Watchmen, and a monstrous god of justice who has his own unspoken agenda. To his dismay he ends up crossing paths with man-eating monsters, insane priests, and a deadly phantom that is somehow connected to the only woman he ever loved.But Cargill is more than he appears, and it isn't ...
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