Mac Fortner
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 284

A DEADLY MISSION. A SADISTIC CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. A DANGEROUS HUNT FOR REVENGE.When Cam Derringer loses his wife, his law license, and his home, he has some adjusting to do. After settling into a houseboat in Key West, he finds himself unable to let go of his wife's murder. Desperate for answers, he starts a quest to find the ones responsible for her death.The deeper he dives into the criminal underworld, the more dangerous the situation becomes. But Cam won’t stop until everyone responsible pays their fair share. Even if it means skirting the law now and then.When the FBI and the Cartel come after him, Cam realizes he might be in over his head. Can he uncover the truth about his wife's murder? Or will he become the killer's next victim?A thrilling and unpredictable crime fiction novel that will have you hanging on for dear life through every twist and turn.SCROLL UP AND GRAB YOUR ...
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