Sam Bing
Pages: 59

The big robe dance on Valentine's Day is only a week away, and Sophie still has no clue what robe color she will be wearing afterwards. Meanwhile, her best friend Mia is now a zombie.When the blockiest boy in Creeper Cove rescues Sophie from an undead attack, she resolves to become a priest and wear purple robes like her father. But all of her plans change when a new Player arrives in town. Alex appears to have it all: dreamy blue eyes, straight lines, and a fantastic zombie-curing machine. But when this seemingly perfect square invites Sophie to the robe dance, will she accept his invitation?Step into the robes of a sassy village girl in this action-packed, Valentine's Day-themed love story. Hearts will be broken, and boys will be blocky, but Sophie and Mia are determined to have a fabulous robe dance. Suitable for readers of all ages. This book contains no cursing, graphic violence ...
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