Vicki Hinze
ASIN: B00SU841R2
Publisher: Magnolia Leaf Press
Pages: 230

The Shadow Watchers were introduced in the Crossroads Crisis Center novels. Now they return with their own stories…SHE BROKE THEIR ENGAGEMENTIn Seagrove Village, former Shadow Watcher, Tim, receives a stunning text from his ex-fiancé, Mandy, on their long dormant, secure phone.  She is in trouble and needs help. Against the team's objections—Mandy had broken their engagement to marry another man—Tim responds…and discovers NINA, Nihilists in Anarchy, an international terrorist organization the Shadow Watchers have tangled with before, is after Tim’s team again.  This time, through Mandy.NOW SHE RETURNS RISKING BOTH THEIR LIVESThe breakup had devastated Tim, but what he discovers now forces him to work with Mandy to reveal yet another layer of operatives in the NINA organization.  A layer that, for Mandy, strikes terror close to home and makes her The Marked Bride.FEW ARE WHO THEY SEEM.  ...
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