Marc Guberti
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 35

Discover: How You Can Have Fun Blogging And Become Successful At The Same Time!Blogging has quickly emerged from online diaries to a powerful source of revenue. After success stories of bloggers making full-time incomes became more common, more people created blogs in hopes of generating their own full-time incomes. In fact, over 152,000 blogs are created every day.Unfortunately, most blogs are not generating revenue of any kind, and many of the blogs that generate revenue are not generating full-time incomes. After analyzing the success of dozens of bloggers and seeing what held people back, I learned that two problems hold bloggers back from becoming successful. The first problem is that bloggers don’t have fun writing blog posts. If you are writing blog posts just for the sake of writing a blog post, then you aren’t having fun. Having fun as a blogger means loving to write about ...
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