Sharon Poppen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 556

The Farrell Saga, the first of seven novels about the Farrell family, begins with four South Carolina brothers, post U.S. Civil War, on a mission to avenge atrocities suffered by the Farrell family during the war years. Rogue Yankee solders had raped their mother and burned their plantation to the ground. After the War, Before the Peace, follows these Southern brothers on their journey to manhood, a quest for love and peace with respectability.The story begins when Michael has just turned eighteen and has asserted his right and responsibility to join his two older brothers, Jim and Joe, in activities bordering on breaking the law. Eventually, youngest brother, Danny demands to ride with his brothers.Once all four Farrell brothers are united in their cause to avenge the Farrell family, their exploits take them further and further up North to find the men who hurt their mother. A raid on ...
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