H. Spencer Lewis
ASIN: B00SXP1850
Publisher: Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
Pages: 196

This practical book contains not only extracts from the Constitution of the Rosicrucian Order, but a complete outline and explanation of all the customs, habits, and terminology of the Rosicrucians, with diagrams and explanations of the symbols used in the teachings, an outline of the subjects taught, a dictionary of the terms, a complete presentation of the principles of Cosmic Consciousness, and biographical sketches of important individuals connected with the work. There are also special articles on the Great White Lodge and its existence, how to attain psychic illumination, the Rosicrucian Code of Life with twenty-nine laws and regulations, and a number of portraits of prominent mystics including Master K.H., the Illustrious.The technical matter in the text and in the numerous diagrams makes this book a real encyclopedia of Rosicrucian explanations, aside from the dictionary of ...
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