Adam Zaer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 68

51 Unique And Powerful Juicing Recipes Filled With Great Nutritional Value That Will Help You Look And Feel Great. No Sugar AddedVegetable juices provide much needed minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which help the body function at its best and keep everything fresh and running smoothly. it cleanses the cells, tissues and helps promoting weight loss, boost your immune system and increase your energy.This book includes detailed Calories-Sodium-Carbs-Fiber-Sugar-Protein count for each recipe to help you pick the best option for you and your diet goals.This book is more than a collection of recipes, it guides you toward a lifestyle that promotes healthy and balanced body.While most juicing books focus too much on fruit juice which affect your system negatively due to high sugar and calorie content if consumed excessively, this book primarily focuses on juices, made from vegetables. also it ...
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