David Cook
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 135

A collection of ten short stories of heroism and tragedy set during the long years of war between 1793-1815.Outpost - A prelude to Blood on the Snow with Jack Hallam.The Emerald Graves - Lorn Mullone at the Battle of Vinegar Hill. Pipe and Drum - The Battle of Assaye seen through the eyes of a Highlander of the 78th Foot.Plains Wolf - A prelude to Marksman with Rifleman Cadoc.Summer is Coming - The horrors of the French retreat, winter, Russia, 1812.The Diabolical Circumstance of Captain Bartholomew Chivers - A hero who is a rogue, adulterer and all-round knave.Flowers of Toulouse - A spine-chilling story.Lamentation - A redcoat looks back on his life after the Battle of New Orleans.Enemy at the Gates - The bloody defence of Hougoumont.The Bravest of the Brave - Ney's final moments at Waterloo.
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