Summer Lee
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

Book 5 in the bestselling Guardians Adventure series!The search for Noah’s Ark... Thousands of years ago, just before God flooded the Earth, a man of faith took his family and many animals onto an Ark that he built in order to survive the coming deluge. Fast forward to modern day where Achava, spiritual guardian of Israel, leads the team on a time travel quest for Noah’s Ark. Achava is joined by Sam Godfrey, an archaeologist, Anthea, Achava’s archrival half-sister, and the newest member of the team, Khassima, a royal dancer who is haunted by her past. Together, the intrepid team uses supernatural forces to travel back to the time of Noah.Now, thousands of years in the past, they are strangers lost in a strange land. When Sam becomes separated from his beloved Achava, he stumbles into a throng of Nephilim—godless giants and idol worshippers. The trouble starts when Sam has to ...
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