C.B. Stone
Publisher: InkedPlot Media
Pages: 155

Music is forbidden in Silvah City...Even singing can mean big trouble with the Ministry. But she can't seem to help herself. The melodies in her head must be released, though she doesn't fully understand why.When the mysterious Noah walks into her life, he changes everything. Her world is shaken, her eyes are opened.She is awakened.Thanks to Noah, Jaelynn now understands she is one of the Chosen. And together, they have a mission.Will they be strong enough to finish it? Can they go up against the Ministry and prevail? Can they succeed in bringing life back to a dying land, a dying people? Or will it all be for nothing, and the people perish...?Dystopian romantic fantasy, Christian-themed, inspirational, please read books in order. Cliffhanger endings.
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4 stars from 49 ratings
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