LNR Ekonen
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Pages: 134

The idea for this book (updated edition now available) was initially conceived after I viewed the documentary, "The Paw Project", and became interested in researching the subject of declawing and the reasons this particular area of animal surgery was initially developed, and is offered to clients. Upon my discoveries about why cats are declawed, and the volume of veterinary studies on the detrimental effects of this surgery on cats, this body of work evolved from what was initially intended as a newspaper article, into this book. This book was written over a period of one year, and was edited by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM - a veterinarian who has firsthand knowledge of the potential for complications of this surgery on cats.Sound medical information on declawing can be difficult to obtain - or even decipher if found - via a quick web search. What is readily available - at a click of a mouse ...
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