Sam Bing
ASIN: B00T3P62G4
Pages: 29

When a team of assassins goes after Steve, Goldie wants to protect him. But even the fiercest ocelot in Westland needs help against Major Boom and his evolved creepers.Just when all hope seems lost, Goldie meets a mysterious breed of cats known as the saber-toothed jaguars on an island biome. Queen Nihi and the jaguars are three times bigger than Goldie, and once hunted creepers for food. Goldie must prove his bravery to the jaguars by challenging a 'terror bird' in a dangerous contest called the Chicken Game.Join Goldie on his quest as he rides a giant bat, battles dangerous mobs, constructs a Trojan creeper, and sits down to a royal island feast with the beautiful jaguar Queen Nihi. Find out why creepers are afraid of ocelots and carry jazz music disks around with them. Hint: it all comes down to one word... evolution! This story contains no cursing, kissing, or graphic violence. ...
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