King Steelo
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Pages: 200

There are 2 sides to every story. In a court of law there is the prosecutor and defense. In a police report, there is the victim and the alleged criminal. In a domestic dispute, there’s the husband’s side and the wife’s side. When it’s all said and done whoever' s side isn't believed by a judge or jury, will end up Behind the Razor Wired Fence. Do you really believe that justice prevails every time?In prison every inmate has a story to tell or as we say ‘an Ep.’ in reality these Eps are just soliloquies. Soliloquies are a dramatic monologue that represents unspoken reflections by characters. Believe me - in prison you’ll meet characters in all shapes and sizes. Most will swear they’re innocent and others will admit their guilt, but only to a certain extent. Do you really believe crime pays? Is it worth being away from your loved ones for a certain amount of time because ...
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