Gary Logan
ASIN: B00T8G36Q2
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 261

Chauncey Miller was twenty-three years old when he discovered that his father had been murdered before he was born. Thus begins his quest to discover the two men responsible. The pursuit takes Chauncey and his brother Franklin from the small town of Goshen, Indiana in the late 1880’s through the mining districts of the west in the search for the two men that their sister described as the killers. The train ride through the emerging territories offers them the opportunity to encounter numerous adventures throughout the old west. The unforgettably distinctive two fugitives leave a faint trail that evaporates in Missoula, Montana. Chauncey must choose to stay with his brother and new found friends in Missoula, or proceed alone into the wilderness of the Coeur D’Alene Idaho mining areas. Chauncey hits a dead end in Idaho. The man he seeks is either nowhere to be found, or dead. Instead of ...
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