J. H. Hayes
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 221

AZARIA is an award-winning, character-driven, historical novel in the vein of Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children series. It’s woven around the mysterious hunter-gatherer culture that erected Gobekli Tepe - the massive, 12,000-year-old temple structure in modern day Turkey whose discovery rocked the archaeological community and is now widely believed to mark man’s transition to civilization.Synopsis: Curious and brave (and sometimes impulsive), fifteen-year-old Azaria generally likes to keep out of trouble. But the consequences of her actions don’t always turn out the way she foresees. Her world is flipped upside down when she accidentally witnesses her father, Azerban, participating in the sacrifice of a rival tribesmen.The tension builds when Azaria bends the rules in an important race she knows she cannot otherwise win. She draws the interest of her people’s shamanistic leaders ...
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4.5 stars from 20 ratings
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