Paul Williams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 358

"A remarkable story of endurance and the human spirit...""...a raw, emotive and superbly written book."The harrowing tale of a small group of pioneers as they trek west to California in 1846. Told through the experiences of thirteen year old Sarah Harlan, this is a story of adventure and tragedy like no other.It is 1846 and Sarah Harlan is just thirteen when she sets out with her family on the great trek West to California. Confident and assured beyond her years, schooled and shaped by the Father she adores, Sarah believes life has little more to teach her. But this is a journey like no other. In crossing a Continent they must face all that nature can unleash upon them; tempests and floods; raging rivers and scorching deserts; disease and starvation.To face these challenges and overcome them, Sarah must also take her own journey of discovery. Encouraged by her cousin Nathan, she must ...
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