Robert P. Wills
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 254

Earth is dying. Its resources are used up or contaminated. Plagues have decimated the planet's population to a mere two million- a population number not seen for fifty-thousand years.With time running out, Earth sends probes to search for suitable planets. Several planets are found that will support a portion of Earth's population- Humanity will live on, it will just be spread across fifty light-years. Then a planet that will sustain all of Earth's inhabitants is found. A perfect planet.Project Arcturus is born.A battle-hardened contingent is sent to Arcturus to eliminate the local population and prepare the planet for immediate colonization.On planet Arcturus, an apple was declined. Sin never gained a foothold. And all was well for thousands of years until Earth's probe found them. As the inhabitants become aware of the impending arrival of brothers from a far off world, they turn to ...
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