Chanel Smith
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 146

First in the bestselling "Huntress Trilogy" of vampire mystery thrillers!Veronica is an unusual vampire.She’s a huntress who dedicates herself to ridding the California coast of rogue, evil, and inhumane vampires and other supernaturals. However, she also hunts humans—the evil ones, anyway. Rand is a vampire hunter who needs to avoid Samantha Moon for a while after he shot her in the shoulder with a silver bolt—Sam banished him from California by dumping him on a cruise ship.When Veronica and Rand cross paths on the cruise ship, there should have been animosity, even bloodshed. However, they are flip sides of the same coin and they develop a connection—and a wild physical attraction. After all, they’re both determined to rid the world of the same evils. And, they both have needs.Two-thousand-year-old vampire Julia Augusta Agrippina is rich and powerful—and she’s tracking Veronica. When ...
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