Deirdre Simone
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 301

Where better to have an identity crisis than somewhere you don’t belong?Haunted by trauma and headed for tragedy, Delainey Sullivan just wants to have a little fun and forget her troubles, but this seemingly simple pursuit lands an anxious, introspective Delainey into increasingly uncomfortable and confusing situations."Author Deirdre Simone incorporates a variety of characters yet has easy readability and does not confuse the reader with the varied occurrences. Simone has a unique style that will continue to produce reader interest and an increasing list of followers." V. Caraotta Top 1000 ReviewerFollowing a bad breakup and news of a terminal diagnosis, she abruptly leaves everything behind to be closer to her beloved, ailing aunt and attend a new university. As she navigates the landscape of worldly, affluent strangers and comes to terms with her identity as a single, attractive ...
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