Ian Garlic
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Pages: 49

The Absolute Essentials of Marketing Your Professional Business Online, in a Fun Format! Many professionals and business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to internet marketing. Through misinformation, or an overwhelming amount of incorrect information, smart people (doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs) just like you don’t understand the fundamentals of internet marketing.You may have heard terms like SEO, SEM, and link building but have no idea what they mean to your business. Worse, you might have the incorrect definition and lay your marketing budget on false assumptions.Getting Found on Google is Different for ProfessionalsYou might have thought getting found on Google was as simple as putting up awebsite. You might have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but not have the foggiest of what it is, or how it works or even if you need it. Once you have an idea what ...
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