Henry Vogel
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 288

Terran Scout David Rice won the hand Princess Callan, but made powerful enemies doing so. Now, those enemies want revenge!Told in the form of a lead-in novella and a novel, Scout’s Oath opens with the story of a young thief who risks his life to bring David and Callan a warning that starts them on a desperate race against time to find and rescue Callan’s parents.In the title novel, to save his adopted country from a pointless war, David surrenders to King Rat, the vengeful ruler of the tunnels beneath the city-state of Beloren. David’s only hope of rescue lies with Callan, who must lead an old pirate, a young thief, a crusty doctor, and a daring airship pilot against the might of Beloren and King Rat. Can the young princess pull off the impossible? Buy a copy of Scout’s Oath and find out!
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