Daniel Boucher
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 13

Kyle Leland sits on the floor in his brother’s bedroom, out of breath and sick to his stomach.Something happened today. Something horrific that he can’t quite remember.The neighbors keep pounding on the door, but Kyle knows he can’t let them in.Something is terribly wrong.“Brilliant.” –David Moody, Author of HATER and AUTUMN.“You haven't read a piece of zombie fiction this emotionally real since Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND. As moving as it is scary. Don't pass it up.” –Phoef Sutton, Author of 15 MINUTES TO LIVE and CRUSH.“Dark, twisted and disturbing. BROTHERS is the kind of short story that crawls beneath your skin and makes a home in your nightmares." –Jeremy Robinson, Author of ISLAND 731 AND PULSE.“Daniel Boucher has a deft touch with horror, bringing heart and soul into whatever creep-show he creates. His new short story [“Brothers”] evokes ...
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