Nick Lacroix
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 498

After six years without contact, a young man returns to New Zealand and attempts to reconnect with family and friends who have moved on and a country he no longer recognizes, but is forced to confront those he has wronged and the consequences of his failed past.From the high-achieving daughter of Chinese immigrants, a Japanese misfit who rubs everyone the wrong way, and an old friend embroiled in a Maori land occupation, this satirical and darkly humorous novel chronicles love, bigotry and the fragility of truth in New Zealand and Japan at the close of the twentieth century. Note: Contains strong language, sexual themes and references that may offendEXCERPTSNick had always lived in Tikorua, a town of such unappeal that even the emigrants of third-world dictatorships evaded its charms, so there were no “ethnic” restaurants or dusty stores of unrecognisable foodstuffs run by curiously ...
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