Jon Paul Olivier
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 139

Do you have a tablet or smartphone and only use it for one or two functions? Do you want to find out what else your device can do? This book is a compilation of a weekly mailing list I wrote for my employer. With their permission, I have released it as a free e-book to show many of the things your mobile device is capable of doing. From the office, to the home, to vacation, read about things you might not have thought of things you can do with your tablet or smartphone.This book is updated weekly as additional articles are released, so check back for updates. If you don't see the current version with 77 chapters on your device, contact Amazon customer service and they will update it in your account for you. This is how Amazon handles book updates. If the book is not free in your country's store, use the link below to report the lower (free) price in the USA and Canada. Amazon will match ...
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