John Smith
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 45

"Growing Marijuana - The Home Growers Companion" contains everything you need to know to get started with growing Marijuana plants for medicinal and recreational purposes. Wether you are new to growing marijuana plants or already practise it, you will discover many crucial steps, tips and advice that will ensure you get the most rewarding crops from your plants.When you read "Growing Marijuana - The Home Growers Companion" you will discover:- The Legalities of Growing Marijuana - Don't skip this chapter. Get this part wrong and you could end up in big trouble!- How Marijuana Works To Make You High - The ins and outs of how Marijuana affects you and how to make sure your crop hits the spot!- Medicinal Uses Of Marijuana - Research is uncovering many different areas where this wonder plant helps out!- The Different Types Of Marijuana - A detailed chapter on all kinds of Marijuana and the ...
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