Derek Daisey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 56

CRUISE SHIP MUSICIAN'S GUIDE: PREPARE, GET HIRED AND PLAY is the ultimate guide for any musician whose interested in not only getting a job on a cruise ship, but also how to prepare for life on the open sea!In this book you'll learn:HOW TO PREPARE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU APPLYHere you will learn how many songs to learn, how to create a press kit and a list of items you'll need to be successful!THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AGENCY OR SIGNING DIRECTLY TO A CRUISE LINEYou'll learn the pros of cons and each as well as insight to which one may be better...WHAT TO EXPECT ON A HEALTH EXAMYou'll read about the process it takes to get medically approved to work on the ships!THE PROCESS OF GETTING TO AND FROM THE SHIPYou'll read about how you'll get from your front door to your own room on the ship.A DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE NORMAL DAY TO DAY ON THE SHIP AS A MUSICIANHere you will read detailed ...
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