Vaughan Tucker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 86

Ever dream of an idyllic life living aboard a canal boat on Britain's waterways system but not quite sure how to start? Vaughan Tucker's How to live on a Canal Boat, an alternative lifestyle is for you.The author has lived on canal boats in the UK for over 20 years. His book gives an insight into what it's really like living on a canal boat; the pros and cons and the costs. Waterways living has many advantages, but there are ups and downs to living on a canal boat. You'll find here all the tips you need to avoid the worst of the potential disasters of canal life. He's made all the mistakes, so you don't have to.Here you will find out what it's like living on a boat full-time in winter in Britain, and whether you are the right sort of person to take on life on the canal.You'll find out about discovering the boat that's right for you, the costs, the various heating types, what you'll need ...
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