D R Oestreicher
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 410

In cities and villages world-wide, drug companies must defend their clinical trials against anti-science activists. Eleanor Powell is convinced the drug companies have done their due diligence, but the global population is shrinking and politicians are looking for a scapegoat. Eleanor is finding herself suddenly in the middle of a cultural battle over science and statistics. Meanwhile, in a remote village in Vietnam, Mike Johnson fights to understand if Agent Orange is the cause of the miscarriages and low birth rates he sees there. Why are the children dying, or not being born at all?Others around the globe, like Angeline Moreno, are also fighting to save their people. Angeline returns home to the Amazon and sees her best friend die in childbirth. Now her sister-in-law is pregnant, and they have no answers. The problems may be global, but solutions must be local.Even as their lives ...
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