A. D. Adams
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 316

"The Dragon Savior of Tone" is book 2 in the "World of Tone" Series. It completes the history of Terra, the only human ever raised by dragons. He and his magic abilities have become the only hope for the world of Tone. Terra and his mate Fienna have begun to raise their first born child, as a dark force from beyond the Barrier Mountains threatens all life on their world. Terra must first return to his long forgotten past life to determine if the humans can or will help in the struggle to come. He then needs to find and convince the remaining land nymphs and elves to join in the dangerous fight. Can one man, even a man as powerful as Terra, unite all on Tone to save their world?"The Dragon Healer of Tone" started the series telling the history of the early life of Terra, the first male ever to possess the magic of healing. As a young child, he was taken by a monstrous bird from his ...
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