Mike Bhangu
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Pages: 153

Well, here I am… I did a little star gazing in an attempt to separate the mortal and the immortal me, and I did a little star gazing so to understand the world I was thrust into. And after years of staring at the night canvas, I’ve come to realize that I was born into a world, like you were, already in motion, and to set beliefs, agendas, power struggles, and as a member of the ruled class.Society can be divided into two dominant groups, the rulers and the ruled, and the philosophical expressions within this manuscript attempt to present the deficiencies in the rule of shepherds, and the feelings of those they herd.Table of ContentsPrefaceIntroductionDisillusionedEscape from NimhDaydreamerThe New Age Feudal SystemMind TricksI ChallengeOur First MotherCitizen of the Natural WorldManufacturedA Top-Down ProblemTo Be RichBred This WayMaster or ServantThe Machine and MeBuilt Like ...
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