Peter Williams
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 74

How To Prepare For Your Next Sailing Trip★ ★ ★This Book is FREE – For Kindle Unlimited Users. ★ ★ ★Plan today and enjoy tomorrow! Going on a sailing trip is such a wonderful activity! Not to mention the beautiful places to see when you’re out there sailing on a yacht. It’s also a nice family adventure, or something you want to prepare for someone special! Whatever that might be, sailing is just a whole lot of fun! If you’re new to this kind excitement, SAILING: What to Know Before Sailing around the World is your perfect guide to get you started.We want you to have the maximum quality experience!So hop in, and learn about:The Adventure of SailingSetting Your DestinationGetting on a YachtLearning Your SkillsPreparing Your LogisticsYou’re one step ahead to fulfilling your dreams! Just one more and you’re set to go!Scroll up to the top and hit the “Buy” ...
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