John Hennessy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 125

A Vampire that cannot stop killing. A man willing to risk it all to stop her. Is it a dream that unlocks secrets or unleashes nightmares? Find out in Dream the Crow's Black DreamSeveral years have passed since Seth McAndrew was forced to recount the tale of The Blood and the Raven.Now, on one of the most important days in his life, the sadistic vampire he thought had been buried along with his past, makes a very unwelcome return.When he refuses to succumb to her violent and disturbing needs, the body count ruthlessly and rapidly increases. Seth realises with brutal clarity that he cannot escape the curse of the vampire.An opportunity arises when he meets another of her kind. Piece by piece, a recurring dream shows him how he might just put an end to her killing ways. But will he be prepared to risk the best thing in his life, in order to destroy the worst?Scroll up and get a copy ...
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