Emerald L. Mack
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 92

Beaten, Abused And Neglected…this is the story of a little girl who went through hell but refused to let it break her..."He began to beat me mercilessly...first with his fist, then a chair, and finally an army style boot...As if that were not enough, he retrieved a hammer from the kitchen and hit me in my head three times as I attempted to scurry away. Finally, as I laid there with no strength to actually move, his size 10 work boot came down on my face, crushing my nose..."Emerald had a very hard life growing up. With a very abusive father and a mother who couldn't care less, there seemed to be no escape to her life. The abuse didn't end when she moved out of her parents’ house though. She endured spousal abuse as well. She turned to a life of sin and debauchery as she saw no other way out.Beaten But Not BrokenEventually Emerald found light at the end of the tunnel and turned her life ...
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