Keshawn Dodds
ASIN: B00U9I81T0
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 236

The first superhero fiction book from Amazon Bestselling Author Keshawn Dodds.Jammal Hall is just eleven years old when he finds out his life on Earth is more important than he could ever imagine. A week before his twelfth birthday, which happens to be his age of destiny, many secrets are revealed to him—including the news that he’s from another planet and his earthly parents are not his birth parents. Jammal, who is actually the superhero Prince Menzuo: Universal Protector, must rely on his guardian, Solar, if he is to survive combat training to master his super powers in order to prepare to face his arch nemesis: the deadly Pirate Warrior, Morbid, a super villain seeking to destroy the planet. As Prince Menzuo begins to understand just how important he is in protecting the planet and the super powers of All Good and Evil. He must also face the challenge of trying to live a normal ...
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