C. A. Hewitson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 17

Ronan is an astronaut through and through: everything else in his life comes second. So when he is offered the first ever solo mission to Mars aboard Varlet 6 - even though his wife Sonia is pregnant with their second child - the choice is a no-brainer. But something happens out there, in the depths of space, and when Ronan returns home after a successful mission, he discovers the mysterious film of light he travelled through in space was in fact a wormhole - seventeen years have passed since his departure from Earth, even though he has only been gone eight months. Sonia is aged and remarried. His son, Tom, who was only five when he left, in an adult who regards him with steely indifference. His eyes say it all: You abandoned me. And his daughter, Varlet - named after the spacecraft that took Ronan into space and tore their family apart - well, Ronan doesn’t know what to make of her. ...
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