Frank Morin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 491

Impossible choices. Explosive magic. Relentless humor.In Obrion, commoners cursed with magic must obtain patronage from a high lord prior to their sixteenth birthday, or face execution.Connor turns sixteen tomorrow.No problem. Well, not until armies clash around his small town, led by superhuman Petralists, devilish Builders, and layers of deadly intrigue that shatter Connor's simple life. With his unique curse, he must act, but his loyalties get twisted into knots.Should he fulfill the duty to his nation to destroy the invaders? Or his duty to defend his village from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Or his duty to protect his family, no matter the cost? Or the duty to a girl who might just love him against all odds? Then there's the whole execution-when-you-turn-sixteen problem.If he stays, he dies.If he leaves, people he loves will die.Some birthdays are like that.Set in Stone ...
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