Chloe Dupree
Publisher: Elite Ink Publishing
Pages: 106

When Olivia Johnston’s cell phone rang at three o’clock in the morning she never expected it to be her ex-best friend. The same friend that once had sex with her boyfriend behind her back.Although she vowed to never speak to Jessica again, Olivia’s love and loyalty won’t allow her to turn away a friend in need.When Olivia takes Jessica into her home, against the advice of other friends, she can’t help but wonder when and if Jessica will have sex with her husband Darren. After all, when you’re a thirty year old, 6’4” attorney and handsome to boot, what woman wouldn’t find you attractive?Trying to help a once disloyal friend while also trying to hold her cracking marriage together Olivia soon finds herself torn between the man that she loves and the friend she turned her back on.Has Jessica matured enough to resist the temptation that is Darren or will her old ways ...
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