Michelle Betham
Publisher: Michelle Betham
Pages: 338

*Retribution is the second book in The Lone Riders MC series. It could, feasibly, be read as a stand-alone, but it would be advisable to read book one – ‘Revolution’ – first as some events that took place in that book are tied in with elements of the story in this next instalment.*Mia Rose has been sent to Paradise for her own safety; to escape a violent marriage, and a man who will stop at nothing to make sure she never leaves his side. Having lived her life within the confines of The Lone Riders Newcastle chapter in north-east England, the move to California is a new beginning for Mia - it has to be, whether she wants it or not. Because she really doesn't have much choice. But for Charlie Hart – President of the Newcastle chapter, and one of the founding members of The Lone Riders MC – it’s a bittersweet act, exiling Mia to another country. And is sending her there, to Paradise ...
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