April Jensen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 146

Phoebe Densford fights her father at every turn to prevent him from bankrupting the estate. But her father is set on his course and soon ruin threatens the family. To remedy the Densford fortunes, her father informs her it is her duty to marry a wealthy family friend. But Phoebe longs to marry for love, and the man she loves is her father’s servant. For years, David Camburn has tutored upper class sons, impatiently waiting for the day he’ll have saved enough to open his own school and be his own master. An unexpected inheritance enables him to embark on his dream earlier than expected and leave his position tutoring the Densford sons. But, having fallen in love with the eldest Densford daughter, he is reluctant to go. Upon discovering his daughter’s feelings for his sons’ tutor, Mr. Densford threatens to destroy his employee’s future career. Forced to choose between love and ...
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