Antony Stagg
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 347

What you will learn from reading their stories is that through adversity, inspiration can be found. Listening to and writing about the people he interviewed has helped Antony to inspire many people from around the world. So much so that his book has received global acclaim from Jack Canfield who starred in the hit movie The Secret and who is Co-author of amazingly successful book - The Success Principles.™ Jack Canfield commented: "Reading this book will melt your heart and inspire you into believing anything is possible.”Steve Aitchinson – Author, Speaker and UK’s number 1 personal development blogger also commented: "There are some books you read that touch the heart without you taking any action. This book will touch your heart and stir you into making life happen for you instead of watching it go by."Have you ever faced adversity?Me too, and I know the trail of devastation ...
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