Anita Faulk
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 45

“You’re not a good girl, you’re greedy,” I teased, leaning forward and tracing a painted fingernail down her thigh…Our young intern isn’t so innocent any more. She’s been showing up to work in revealing outfits that show off her tight figure, and she's constantly looking to squeeze one in during coffee breaks.She’s an addict, and it’s all my fault. My husband doesn’t know what Jessa and I have been up to. But between questionable texts and mid-day romps, I’m starting to wonder if he’s getting suspicious. But how can I resist her when she spreads out on my desk, begging me for more?My birthday is coming up and all I want is to see my husband take our intern hard and unprotected. Am I being ridiculous? Is it even possible for my dreams to come true?Click "Look Inside" to read all the dirty things Amazon won't let me tell you! Get The Intern's First Time here: ...
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