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All Crime All The Time in the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware "Since the St. Mary's Today was purchased and then deliberately shut down, Southern Maryland has been devoid of any REAL newspaper reporting. All 3 of the newspapers there refuse to expose any of the "Good Ole Boy" back room deals or call out any other wrong doing. Ken Rossignol has again taken up this badly needed public service in his publishing of "The Chesapeake Today"! Ben Bradlee, the great Editor of the Washington Post for so many years, and a local resident, was a great admirer of the old St. Mary's Today. Were he still alive today I'm sure he would be equally supportive of "The Chesapeake Today". Yes the verbiage used in the paper is shocking! Unlike the "PC" news media Ken writes in the simple language used daily by most of his readers. No sugar coating, no tap dancing verbally ...
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