C.W. Crowe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 293

A new type of science fiction, so realistic it could actually be happening – real science, real characters, real humanity, real drama. Book Four of the science fiction space opera series, The Alien Revelation Saga, takes the story in an entirely new - and entirely unexpected- direction.While this book covers only five days in the lives of Roger, Bess, Jane and the other members of the Connection, it serves as both an ending and a beginning, not only for the story, but for each of the main characters as well.When the alien that calls himself Brian A. Pearlmitter reveals the design of the device that the team must build, they realize that they have to dedicate their remaining time to the singular purpose of creating something so difficult and dangerous, that it could cost then their lives. They realize that their time of discovering the wonders of the Revelation is over.Soon, they ...
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