Michael DeVault
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 278

Billy Bradshaw is only twelve when a juvenile court judge sentences him to community service, and throws him to the care of six aging Bohemians in the Liberty Street Home for the Elderly.His summer takes an unexpected turn when a new administrator arrives to Liberty Street, planning to get rid of the troublesome denizens of Hall B. Aided by the administrator's eccentric daughter, Cassidy, Billy embarks on a journey through the seedy New Orleans underground in order to save their home.But with summer comes change, as Billy begins his journey to adulthood. Faced with tragedy, can he bring himself to face life and learn what it means to love someone?Praise:★★★★★ - "A story about lessons to be learned. A coming of age story. A story of love and love lost. A story about how friendships grow. The author is an excellent writer, and I eagerly wait for his next book."
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4.5 stars from 4 ratings
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