Andrea Friedenson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 29

The guide for the experienced job-seeker!Most interview advice books give you common-sense lessons about firm handshakes, or teach you to memorize answers to frequently-asked questions. But trying to prepare for an interview is nerve-wracking enough without also trying to stuff someone else's pre-written answers into your head.How to Interview goes beyond the basics to teach you a flexible framework that requires no memorization, and that allows you to easily position yourself and your experience in the best light. You'll be authentic, memorable, and able to think on your feet.Best of all, How to Interview is just the right length to read as late as the night before your interview. More preparation is always better, but when you're short on time, How to Interview can still get you ready for success in just hours.The techniques in this book have been used by successful job seekers now ...
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