Tony Robson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

Overcome Fear and Anxiety... Learn How to Become an Amazing Public Speaker Today!Bonus: Exercises to Overcome Public Speaking Fear in 5 Minutes or Less!Fear and anxiety can paralyze a normally confident person when faced with having to speak in front of a crowd. This book will teach you how to easily overcome your fear of public speaking to become confident again! Even normally confident people get anxious when getting up in front of a crowd, and it is a very common fear for most people. In fact, most people would do ANYTHING do avoid speaking in front of a crowd! Using these tips, you'll learn how to become the most relaxed and confident person in the room while making your speech. Whether it's a TED Talk, University lecture, or company keynote, Public Speaking Guide will help you become a confident and impressive speaker in very little time. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll ...
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