Alice Chetwynd Ley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 178

Eighteenth-century England.Jane Spencer is amongst a group of travellers who are forced to delay their journey due to a snowstorm.Their stage coach is unable to continue its journey through the storm and its passengers are forced to get out and walk to a nearby inn.Jane comes across a unconscious man, the victim of highwaymen, lying half dead in the snow. The man awakes not knowing who he is and is unable to recognize his only possession: a magnificent jewel-encrusted snuff box.Jane nurses him and helps him return to London. But, just as she starts to care for him, he disappears just as suddenly as he appeared in her life, leaving only his snuff box in her possession. On discovering a letter hidden in a secret compartment in the snuff box, she entrusts her lawyer to the care of it. Little does she know that this letter holds the key to a growing mystery.Jane takes up employment as a ...
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