Christina Smith
ASIN: B00UKC0792
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 178

This book was previously published as the first part of Finding Abigail. It has now been split into two books.Due to violence and language, this book is recommended for 17+ Abby Watson is lost inside the books and stories in her head. As a writer of children’s fantasy, she is immersed in the world of fairy tales. It’s the outside world she is unfamiliar with. Other than a chance encounter with a man in uniform, she has no social life. But that’s just fine with her. She loves her job and doesn’t feel the need for anything more.When her friends insist that she at least try to get a life other than inside her apartment, they set out to take her on a mission to have fun. At a club she’s been dragged to, she stumbles upon the only man she's the least bit attracted to—Nick, the policeman in the uniform. When he asks her to dance, sparks fly.Will she finally break out of her ...
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